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     As of Wednesday May 27th, all services at Grace Baptist are back to normal scheduling. The Sunday Morning Worship Service, Sunday Evening Sunday School, and Wednesday Evening Bible Study will all be taking place during normally scheduled times. Teen group, and all kid's programs will be taking place as well.

     Recorded messages will no longer be posted, however; the Sunday morning service will still be on Facebook live for the next few weeks. We will still be practicing some social distancing during our adult services for the time being.

     Events will continue to take place, however; some original dates may have changed. Please refer the upcoming events on the home page of our website for more information.

     Choir and the use of hymnals will still be postponed until further notice.

     Many of you have taken advantage of the online giving throughout the pandemic. We will still be accepting donations and tithe through the online giving, and we encourage those who have utilized the platform to continue doing so.

     Thank you for doing your part in helping us make it through this situation, and we are excited to begin services again. Please refer to our corona virus statement page for any further updates. 

Thank You,

Leadership of Grace Baptist Church

Corona-virus statement

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